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After exchanging some more books to read Ian and I started our mission of a journey to get to Chiang Mai. It started off with a taxi to the port, a bus to a different port and had we been even a minute later we would have missed it and all our connecting transport! Got on the ferry to Don Sak, and a bus back to Suret Thani. We waited around for 4 hours in Suret Thani, we were told the bus to Bangkok would pick us up from the tour agents...oh no, we were bundled into another tuk tuk and off we went, half an hour later than expected. Our bus left Suret Thani at 7:30pm and having no sleep at 5am we arrived in Bangkok. We got a taxi to the airport in order to get our flight to Chiang Mai...it was the worst taxi ride of my life. The taxi driver was either drunk, or completely crazy! I hope the latter! Anyway, we got to the airport kind of safe and then found out we were at the wrong airport. So, picked all our bag back up and got in another taxi to the right airport. Got there abouy 6am and had to wait until 11am for check in...I did the airport tramp sleeping look for an hour!!...don't worry Mum, Ian watched the bags while he read his book that he couldn't keep his head out of! Finally we arrived in Chiang Mai at about 4pm at a cheap guest house with rooms which was lucky! We rested for a while in our lovely airconditioned room. In the evening we went to the night bizarre and had some more street food, price going down...only 35p!
Wednesday we got up late and then went for some food, we decided to ask a tuk tuk to take us on a city tour. Only it was his own special city tour...he took us to the jewellery shops of Chiang mai and all the handy craft centres. After we reluctantly walked around those places (not in the city)Faye_Chiang_Mai_022.jpg I then showed him the map and told him to take us back to the city! He did! We went to see some more temples, Ian was delighted with that! The weather was scortching, about 43 degrees, that's why we didn't just fancy walking around the city. It rained in the evening, and when I say rained, the heavens actually opened! It was much nicer though, really cleared the air. Thursday we just chilled out and sat by the pool after being lazy and getting up late, the weather really closed in again and it went really cloudy and hot. Each evening we've been to the night bizarre, it's so cool looking around there, see something new every night. We've also been going to a pancake man after our cheap dinner, I asked him for lemon and sugar on Wednesday and Thursday night and he didn't have it, but Friday we went back and he had the lemon and sugar for me!
Friday we went on a one day trek tour, first we went elephant riding, that was really cool.Faye_Chiang_Mai_070.jpg When we were on the elephants one of the others got loose, this elephant was running wild...so guess whos elephant man went to the rescue??yes, ours! So we had no man on our elephant for a while, it was pretty scary, but he was very obedient. We then bought some bananas and fed our Nelly as a treat!Faye_Chiang_Mai_091.jpg From there we went to a small village and met some locals, there was some small children playing in a concrete hut, they were so cute. We walked from there to Maewang waterfall and had a swim, much needed. We walked from there to Kareng village, another small village, the children were running up asking us to buy bracelets, I was soft and bought one, but then they all wanted me to buy one! Faye_Chiang_Mai_124.jpgThe people in the village were all weaving and making scarfs, they were really nice. The coolest thing were the chickens and pigs and the little piglets! We left there and went for some lunch, traditional Thai soup, more rice and fruit! We left after lunch and went bamboo rafting which was totally hilarious! We were going down the river in the rain and then we hit a really rocky rapid!...our raft got stuck while Ian was trying to steer the back and paddle, we were almost in! Was funny! The boy guiding our raft was only about 10, and he was incredibly strong. As we went by all the local people were splashing us...as if we needed that, we were already soaked from the rain and the bad paddling of John! Then what can I say, I just sat in the middle and enjoyed the ride! We left there and headed back to Chiang Mai.
At the weekend, we spent the days by the pool, on Sunday we had Thai massage which was pretty cool. Lady was concerned about my back. It cracked enough though so I think she made it better! We went to two different night markets, both of which were really cool and cheaper than the night bizzare that we've been to the rest of the week! I had my portrait done on Saturdau night, although I don't think it looks like me at all! Ian thinks it looks like Steph off Neighbours. It was quite embarassing as loads of people were watching and then another artist sat down and started to draw me too. So, not sure if the portrait will make it back home. Today we've been to cookery school, which was lots of fun and I managed to burn my hand...not so fun! It's ok though, no need to worry! I do need to worry about how much I ate though as we HAD to eat everything that we made. So at 11am I was eating Pad Thai, at 12:30pm I had my very own Spring rolls and Tom Yam soup. By 2pm we had made a green curry and stir fried chicken with cashew nuts and rice, so we ate that. I was collapsed on the floor about to give birth to something Thai at that point!! We had some different fruits and then at 3pm we had bananas in coconut....I was so so full! Had a good day though, and I'd love to come home and cook some thai food, only thing is there's so many ingredients and at home I won't get someone handing the ingredients to me and then doing my washing up too!!
We packed our bags when we got back, bough more stuff in Chiang Mai, so more money on excess baggage...oh well! We're off back to Bangkok tomorrow, we were going to head straight to Cambodia for a few days but think we may struggle to get all that way tomorrow. Therefore we're going to stay in Bangkok for a couple of nights and then head to Siem Reap in Cambodia about Thursday. It's Ian's birthday on Weds (getting old!) so don't really want to be travelling all that way on his birthday. Heard some not so great reports about Bangkok, so a bit sceptical at the moment, but we'll see how it goes.....
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The giving birth to something Thai was hilarious!
I hope you were given the recipes we have got the dishwasher to clean up and the mummy can help.
Sorry have I missed something about Bangkok? Stay safe and make sure you're not rushing to get to places. Take care soooo looking forward to you coming home will have to tidy your bedroom. XXXx

by mummy

Loved reading your journal Faye. I too am looking forward to the Thai meal -don't worry about the ingredients Waitrose deliver! Wish Ian a very Happy Birthday from us, hope you have a lovely day. Not long now!!

by Di - Bri

Hello! got your email this morning, im in glorious stockport! Mum's right that giving birth thing was well funny! Will try to reply to your email properly when i get home tomorrow, hotmail is barred on my laptop. rubbish. can't wait for you to come home, xxx

by Hels bels

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